Renegade by J.A Souders

Renegade is the troubling story of Evie, Daughter of the People, as her world crumbles around her. Evie lives in Elysium, an underwater Utopia where a lucky few were chosen to escape from the violence and destruction of the Surface World. She is the adopted daughter of Mother, the revered wise woman who rescued the people of Elysium and now rules over them. She governs who may Couple (marry and breed), allocates designations (jobs) and keeps the city running, with a nearly perfect genetic population.

“My life is just about perfect.”

Yet not all is right in this genetic safe haven. For reasons known only to those with more scientific and biological know-how than myself, or with a mind warped by the path to perfection, this utopia is populated only the blonde and the blue eyed examples of human specimen (sounding familiar to anyone yet?). These models of Aryan perfection are submissive, behaved and routinely punished for displaying any their flaws. 

It will ensure only the best are born in Elysium.”

Those who know their mythology will know Elysium as the afterlife of those chosen of the Gods, the heroic and the righteous. This is achieved in Renegade through a combination of physical, genetic and mental manipulation.

This is the German cover. I’m not sure why
her hair is black but I like it better.

My Thoughts

The story progresses in fits and starts, suited in a way to Evie’s mental struggles, but which can leave the reader feeling distanced from the characters and the story. Evie herself is a mess, and I’ve yet to decide if her ditzy and forgetful behaviour strengthened or weakened her story.

The underwater setting was evocative but somewhat lacklustre.

I would have liked more time spent extolling the visual beauties of Elysium and less on repeating its history. I understand why Sounders presented this the way she did but I couldn’t help wanting some more substance in the world building. 

My other problem came from the relationship between Evie and Gavin. Everything just happened, like it was…programmed into her to fall over herself for the Surface Dweller. She took him at his word about everything. Why was she so trusting?

I never really got drawn into this story, though I did like the premise. Too few questions were answered to any satisfaction and I find Gavin highly suspicious. However, I do intend to continue reading the Elysium Chronicles in order to discover more about who Evie really is. 


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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